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CCTV @Lipatrading

⚡ Koh Samui CCTV
by isco Solution

Koh Samui CCTV at Lipa Trading
installation CCTV samui

8 cameras to monitoring the
construction supply store
Lipa Yai Trading

to view surveillance people in area

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Fiber Network

Fusion Splice Fiber

Iscosolution Co.,ltd. we are providing team for fusion splice for fiber optic cable.

Fiber optice is neccessary in network infrastructure it ‘s expand
to high speed and quality signal in long range area.

Suitable for Network IP device for organization such as IP CCTV and Wireless network

We are promt by professional fusion splicing machine with
the professionals workers.

We have experience in the team of AIS Fiber subcontractor in Koh Samui

Fiber fusion splicer in Koh Samui , Thailand

Fiber Optice installation



When the rainny day

One of the most problem

Have a big rain is no problem.By using remote control to open the gateSamui Automatic Gate , Sliding door

Samui Automatice Gate

Isco services

Network and CCTV security work on the island Koh Samui
ระบบเครือข่าย และระบบกล้องวงจรปิด สพหรับองค์กรเหมาะสำหรับธุรกิจโรงแรม เกาะสมุย

Samui cctv
Comouter Network Koh Samui
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Mercure Hotel

Our successful story to install wireless network
Hotel wifi Koh Samui

for control hotels guests to used internet in same time up to 150 users
To coverage 36 hotel’s room and publich area in swimming pool .

Stable and high quality network

WIFI Network

Tenda AC-11

Tenda WIFI Tenda AC-11
AC1300 Router Dual Band

  • Support 200MB and above fiber access
  • 5*6dBi enhanced antennas covering 120 square meters with three walls
  • 2.4G&5G uses signal enhancement module
  • Beamforming Signal Intelligent Tracking Technology
  • Signal strength adjustment function
  • Flood control network function
  • Support free installation online

The AC11’s WAN/LAN ports are equipped with Gigabit wired network ports to support 200MB

and above fiber access; two 5G WiFi designs enable 867M WiFi access intelligent

terminals, ensuring full utilization of 200M and above.

56dBi high-gain omnidirectional antennas design, which can increase the coverage by 30% compared with the common 45dBi dual-band routers. It can meet
the coverage of 120 square meters of large units,
and can also access the Internet after wearing
three walls.

Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz use independent signal enhancement modules. WiFi penetration
is stronger and transmission is farther. Even in the corner of the home,
you can watch movies.

Supports Beamforming signal intelligent tracking technology, according to the user’s
location, the WiFi signal is aggregated into a beam directly to
the user’s Internet access device to achieve
accurate wall penetration.

With signal strength adjustment function, the user can freely switch the signal
low power/standard/enhancement mode through the APP
to meet the Wi-Fi usage requirements
in different environments.

After the anti-mite network function is enabled, when the new device is connected to the
router, the app will receive a push reminder. If it is found to be an illegal device,
the illegal device can be blacked out directly on the APP.

AC11 is equipped with the latest account password migration function. Simply connect the
WAN port of the old router to the LAN port of AC11, and automatically copy the
broadband account password when power is on,
eliminating the trouble of installing settings.

WIFI Network

Comfast CF-E320NV2

Comfast CF-E320NV2 Wirless indoor AP
300 Mbps 2.4 Ghz 3dbi Antenna

Price 2,200 Baht

Coverage area 300 sq.m.
Continue connected by seamless roaming technology
Embed 3 dBi Abtenna
Transmitt power 110 MW
1 Port 10/100 Mbps
Frequency support 2.4 Ghz 300 Mbps

    CCTVWIFIDoor and GateFace & Finger ScanOther product

    WIFI Network

    Comfast CF-E375AC

    Comfast CF-E375AC Wirless indoor AP
    AC 1300 Dual Band 3dbi Antenna

    Price 3900

    • Antenna type MU-MIMO
    • High efficiency many users support
    • Rage coverage in 50 – 100 Metre in open area
    • Tranmit density 500 mW
    • Support dual band 2.4 / 5 GHZ AC1300 Mbps
      2 port of 10/100/1000 Mbps
    • 3 Mode : Router / Brodge / Access Point
    • Ceiling mount nice design.

    Comfast CF-WA350

    Comfast CF-WA350 Wirless outdoor AP
    AC 1300 Dual Band 13dbi 5Ghz Antenna

    price 3,900 Baht

    • 2 Antenna embed 11 dbi and 13 dbi
    • transmit in open area 10-70 m.
    • Transmot power 110 mW
    • Dual band Support 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz
    • 3 Mode : Router / Bridge / Access Point
    • Ceiling mount nice design

    Speed 450 Mbps in 2.4 Ghz
    Speed 867 Mbps in 5.8 Ghz
    50 User in 2.4 Ghz
    110 Users in 5.5 Ghz

    set CCTV Samui Hi secure

    set security camera Samui Hi Secure

    Smart infrared 80 metre.
    2 MP Resolution
    Audio record
    Dahua gDMSS App
    10 Days Record

    Product line :Dahua XVR4104HS , HFW1200TH Camera

      CCTVWIFIDoor and GateFace & Finger ScanOther product